“Because we use DocumentDB, reports that could have taken a day or more and required us to consult with other developers now can be produced in as little as 10 minutes.” Andreas Helland, Telenor, Mobility Architect

Telenor knows when big companies can remain nimble like startups, even as the they grown, they are more likely to succeed. The major mobile services provider is determined to do just that—with the help of Microsoft Azure. The company used Azure to help launch a promotion 40 percent faster than it could before—and to produce marketing reports on its status in mere minutes.

The solution centered on Azure DocumentDB, a NoSQL document database service, designed from the ground up to natively support JavaScript code and the JSON data exchange format that many developers, including those at Telenor, use. To learn more about how Telenor used Azure DocumentDB to cut time-to-market, boost agility, and reduce maintenance time and costs, see the complete customer story.