“With Azure, we combine open source applications and operating systems with Microsoft solutions, and everything works perfectly.” — Agneta Ronceret, Marketing Director for V-Traffic Services

Mediamobile is the first French company to offer comprehensive traffic information in real-time to improve mobility for motorists. The company actively participates in the development of road transport telematics in Europe, providing traffic information to navigation systems and car manufacturers and bringing real time traffic information to drivers via mobile, the internet, and radio, including the French public radio channel (Radio France).

In 2005, Mediamobile made its traffic information available to the public, delivering its traffic services under the brand V-Traffic. V-Traffic services are based on Microsoft Azure, running open source MapServer on Linux VMs, and using HDInsight for big data analytics.

For more on how V-traffic is able to deliver reliable, highly available traffic information services through a combination of open source and Microsoft technologies, check out the below video of the complete customer story here.